Disabling Comments and EXIF info in Reflection-Mod Theme

If you would prefer disabling the Comments and EXIF hyperlinks for whatever reasons, then it is fairly straightforward to do so. Open up index.php in your themes/reflectionmod folder and delete the lines below:

<li><a id="comment" href="#"><?php comments_number('0 comments','1 comment','% comments');?></a></li>
<li><a class="panel" id="exif" href="">Exif</a></li>

Re-save the file and clear out your browser cache. Reload your website and the Comments and EXIF hyperlinks should be disabled.

7 thoughts on “Disabling Comments and EXIF info in Reflection-Mod Theme

    1. Aditya, I think you might have made some error while editing the theme code. Try a separate fresh install of the theme and see if you are still having the weird formatting issues. It definitely shouldn’t affect the regular theme.

      1. turns out it WAS a CSS bug! i just did a DIFF between the orig. stylesheet and my edited one – and it turned out i had put font-size at 200% instead of 120% in #titlebits! feel quite silly about it all now…

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