Removing Inline Date in Reflection-Mod Photoblog Theme

By default, the Reflection-Mod theme displays the date of an image post above the image (next to the image title). If you would prefer to not display the date, then you will need to perform a couple of code edits by hand. Unfortunately I can't enable this as a simple option in the theme administration menu at this time.

First open up index.php in reflectionmod folder and delete the line below:

<span id="inlinedate" style="display:inline;font-size:10px;font-variant:normal;text-transform:uppercase;vertical-align:10%;"><?php the_date('jS F Y');?></span>

After deleting this line, resave the file. Make sure you don't delete anything else. Now you need to open up blog.js in your reflectionmod/js folder. Find the line below:

$('texttitle').innerHTML = '<a href="' + this.imageinfo.permalink + '">' + this.imageinfo.post_title + '</a><span id="inlinedate" style="display:inline;font-size:10px;font-variant:normal;text-transform:uppercase;vertical-align:10%;">' + this.imageinfo.post_date + '</span>';

Delete that line and replace it with the following line:

$('texttitle').innerHTML = '<a href="' + this.imageinfo.permalink + '">' + this.imageinfo.post_title + '</a>';

Re-save blog.js. Make sure to delete your browser cache and all temporary internet files so that your browser loads up the new blog.js file. You should now have your photoblog without the date stamp on each post showing up.

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