Computer Animation

I have been extremely interested in computer animation ever since I was a kid. At Cornell I had the chance to take an "Intro to Computer Animation" class under Prof. Donald Greenberg. It was an awesome experience and something I will always cherish. I am still keen on pursuing it as a hobby although of late, I have not had the luxury of having enough free time to do so. The link above showcases some of my work from the animation class as well as my final end of semester animation project. I worked on all of it by myself and used 3D Studio Max for the animations.

Planted Aquariums

I've always been interested in keeping aquariums since my uncle introduced me to this wonderful hobby when I was a kid. A year ago I was gifted an aquarium and it reignited my interest in keeping fish. This time though I wanted to learn the art of keeping and scaping planted tanks. I spent countless hours reading various forums and sites to learn more of the basics of setting up a planted tank. Check out my guides on setting up low tech planted aquariums.

  1. Guide to setting up a Low Tech Planted Tank
  2. Guide to setting up a Low Tech Planted Tank using Seachem's Excel