Removing Mosaic Page Year Groupping in Reflection-Mod Photoblog Theme

Update - This is now implemented as an option within the Admin menu of the Reflection-Mod theme. I have left the information up for those interested in how this was achieved.

In my Reflection-Mod Photoblog theme for WordPress, the Mosaic page defaults to grouping all your photoblog thumbnails by year. If you would prefer not having any such grouping and would just like a simple display of all your thumbnails all you need to do is edit mosaic.php in the reflectionmod folder and delete the lines below:

$this_postyear = intval(substr($post->post_date, 0, 4));
if ($this_postyear != $postyear) {
	$postyear = $this_postyear;
	echo '<h2 class="mosaicheader">'.$postyear.'</h2>';

That's it! Enjoy your tweaked photoblog 🙂

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